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Broad ability ranges in special schools
A girl and her teacher at a computer
                  during an English lesson

Children in special schools are usually grouped according to broad ability ranges. However within one classroom you will still find pupils with ASC, MLD, SLD and CLDD

As a result, within a special school classroom there are often many other adults in addition to the teacher supporting children's learning.

Using additional adults (1)

Deploying additional adults effectively enables the teacher to increase the amount of differentiation. It also allows children with more complex needs to be taught together with their peers and to take part in complete lessons.

Watch this clip of a science lesson in a special school. How does Colin, the teacher, deploy his teaching assistant?

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Using additional adults (2)

Have another look at this clip of the English lesson from earlier in the module and, this time, focus on the way the additional adults are used.

How does Sandra, the teacher, communicate her planning to the additional adults?

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additional adults
Using a working for deal card
                  in a lesson

List five ways that you saw additional adults being used in the English and science lessons.

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