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Planning for motivation
A boy prepares a jam sandwich

Good behaviour management planning is key to the success of any lesson.

Pupils with learning difficulties may not find the acquisition of basic skills intrinsically motivating. Teachers will, therefore, need to plan:

  • To teach these skills in an engaging way, and
  • To manage unwanted behaviour that may arise as a consequence of lack of motivation.

To help manage behaviour teachers may need to plan the use of motivators such as 'deal cards' or other reward systems.

Reward systems in action

Watch the English lesson again. Notice how a 'deal card' is used to encourage participation and concentration for a pupil learning the basic skill of sequencing.

The following document gives more information about how they are used.

  • Poster
Using deal cards
A deal card

Suppose a pupil, Anthony, refuses to participate in the lesson. Describe what steps the teacher could take to re-engage him using the 'deal card' system.

Compare your answer with the sample answer below.