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Designing a curriculum
A girl participates in a science

Planning doesn't exist in a vacuum. A teacher needs to set a lesson within a series of lessons in a scheme of work. The National Curriculum provides programmes of study for all subjects. However in a special school it is often the case that neither the programme of study nor the identified age group is applicable to meet the needs of children with learning difficulties.


Some published material is available for teachers in special schools to access, such as EQUALS, but individual schools often choose to differentiate this further to design a highly personalised curriculum for their population.

Comparing curriculum requirements
A balloon rocket experiment in

Compare and contrast the curriculum requirements of the National Curriculum and EQUALS.



Some suggestions

A science lesson

Watch the clip of the science lesson again.


Despite pupils in the clip being at Key Stage 3, a topic-based approach is deemed appropriate.


Can you explain why this approach has
been taken?


What is the impact on planning likely to be?


Look at the lesson plan to check your thinking.

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