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The TEACCH approach
A girl and her teacher paint with

TEACCH is an approach devised by Mesibov and Schopler. It is a structured teaching approach and, unlike REACh, works to the strengths of the child with ASD.


The approach has been successfully implemented within schools in the UK as well as internationally.

It has an extremely well-researched base.

Visit the TEACCH website.


Reducing anxiety in children with ASD

  • Video 1
    In this video, children with ASD complete supervised and independent work boxes and refer to a visual timetable in the transition between activities.
  • Video 2
    Watch the head of the Intensive Support Centre explain how a predictable structure helps reduce anxiety for pupils with ASD.
Comparing teaching approaches
A boy painting with his teacher

Compare and contrast TEACCH and REACh.


What accommodations are required to plan for the implementation of either approach in relation to
the following?

  • Whole school organisation
  • Management of adults
  • Long-term pupil outcomes
  • Schemes of work
  • Planning individual tasks
Research and review

Research in more detail different approaches to teaching children with ASD.

Lead a staff meeting explaining the different approaches.

With staff in your school review your policy on teaching pupils with ASD. Update policy documents to ensure that they make clear the school's philosophy and approaches for teaching children with ASD.

Audit staff training needs in relation to working with children with ASD and liaise with senior staff to discuss how these training needs might be met.

Find out more
opened book

Mesibov, G.B. (1996) A Comprehensive Program for Serving people with Autism and their families: The TEACCH model. In TEACCH. Project Autism. Induction Course to the Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Handicapped Children. Northampton: Northants LEA.