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Planning for children with complex needs
Chandon and his teacher using
                  the Moon system

Some of the children in a special school setting will have highly complex needs and require a differentiated and individualised curriculum.


Pupils with complex needs require a high level of detailed planning to take place to ensure that their needs are met and that lessons are suitably differentiated. This will involve the teacher liaising with specialist teachers, therapists as well as the family.

Case study: Chandon (1)
Chandon reading a Moon sentence

Chandon is blind but is educated within a class for pupils who, predominately, have moderate learning difficulties.


He spends a proportion of time each week working one-to-one with the QTVI, Tim, who ensures that the skills Chandon requires to access an appropriate curriculum are in place.

Case study: Chandon (2)

Watch Tim as he works one-to-one with Chandon on improving his mastery of the Moon system. Tim explains how Moon can provide access to literacy for blind pupils.



Why would Chandon be learning Moon rather than Braille, which is much more widely accessible and easily available?

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Case study:
Chandon (3)
Some words in the Moon alphabet

Look at this curriculum model. For Chandon, the National Curriculum forms the major element of his curriculum diet. In addition to this, the therapeutic curriculum, in Chandon's case input from the visual impairment service, forms the next largest element with some reference made to a more developmental approach. The teacher needs to integrate all elements into their planning to ensure that the pupil has access to and receives a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

Case study: Chandon (4)
An example of some text using
                  the Moon alphabet

Look at this partially completed lesson plan for Chandon.


Lesson Plan


Complete the lesson plan. Consider how you might use Tim's skills and knowledge and how you would differentiate the activity for Chandon.


Compare your answers with the completed
lesson plan.