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Challenges in family life

Think about the effect the birth of a child with SLD/PMLD/CLDD has on the family as they grow older. What difficulties might the family encounter?

Compare your answer with this list.

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Listen to Harvey's dad talk about how Harvey's disabilities affect their leisure times as a family.

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The poverty trap

Read this short account of how the birth of a much loved son affected one family.

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Changing your routine

Write down everything you might do on a busy Saturday.

How might you have to change your activities to take account of a child with SLD/PMLD/CLDD?

Think about how the following might impact on your plans:

  • Time
  • Transport
  • Accessibility
  • Medication
  • Your other children
  • Care needs
  • Your and the child's physical strength/stamina/tolerance
  • Expenses

Stressful challenges
a boy  in a chair

Researchers for the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities' 'First Impressions' project (2005) interviewed 22 parents of disabled children and asked them to describe the challenges which faced them in negotiating day-to-day life.

They found that:

Finding a suitable parking space and an appropriate shopping trolley, using public transport and sourcing a strong enough buggy when the child outgrows their pushchair, all create stress. Public transport is particularly inaccessible for disabled children and adults. (p.12).