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Multi-agency collaboration (1)
A teacher holds the hand of a boy
                  in a specialist chair

Different agencies contribute their own expertise to a pool of information on the child. At the expert level the contact with the child is far less frequent than that of the key workers.

Consider the specialists at the extremities of the web of support. Their diagnoses and expertise are vital to the planning of support for the child even though they might see the child infrequently.

  • How do you think the information they provide is passed down the web?
  • Who becomes pivotal in using the expert knowledge?
  • Make a list of who would be directly interested in what the expert provides.
Multi-agency collaboration (2)
A teacher holds the hand of a boy
                  in a specialist chair

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is the current process of gathering information about the child in order to assess and agree on their needs. This integrates viewpoints of many professionals on issues such as medical, social and family support.

A multidisciplinary team aims at joining up their assessments with the child and family at the centre as illustrated earlier by the web of support. The team works around the child giving support and advice and is known as the Team Around the Child (TAC).

Have a look at the CAF guide below (in particular page 17: The common service delivery pathway).

The CAF for children and young people (Children's Workforce Development Council)

The Team Around
the Child
Two carers with a child in a wheelchair
The TAC is multi-agency and will vary, and may change over time, according to the diversity of needs of individuals. One of the team members is designated the lead professional.

The important point is that there is co-ordination of advice at the 'point of delivery'.