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Thinking of becoming a teacher?
A teacher holds up a card in front
                  of several seated children

The variety of life as a teacher, with new experiences and challenges every day, is a key factor in making it the enjoyable career it is. Even the more predictable elements of how your days and weeks are structured will vary according to the school you work in.



The role of teaching assistants (TDA)

A teacher sits next to a girl with a communication

In mainstream schools the person who coordinates the special educational needs is known as a SENCO. Read more about the role of the SENCO here.

The role of the SENCO

Occupational therapists
A girl chooses a drink by pointing
                  to a card

The short film in the link below explains how occupational therapists help people carry out the activities they need or want to do. The participants describe how occupational therapy services have made a huge difference to their lives.


Speech and language therapists
A speech therapist working with a boy
                  using a communcation device

Every day, speech and language therapists work with a huge variety of people – from young children who stammer to older people recovering from stroke and other brain injuries. They aim to help give them 'voice' by improving their communication abilities and addressing their swallowing, eating and drinking difficulties.


Music therapists
A boy listens to a man playing a guitar

The purpose of music therapy is to facilitate positive changes in behaviour and emotional well-being. The therapist also aims to develop an increased sense of self-awareness and thereby enhance the quality of life of the client.


Music therapists work with children and adults of all age ranges
and abilities.


School nurses
A sign for a school medical room

School nurses and child health teams provide a range of services and supports that aim to maintain and improve the health and well-being of children and their families.

Looking for a school nurse? (Department of Health and Department for Education and Skills)