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Transferable skills
A teacher stands in her office

At this level you are already an expert and a professional. Consider your key skills and what makes you good at your job. Which of those skills do you use in other parts of your life?

The key point here is that you have developed skills which are transferable and some of these you instinctively use without frequent consideration.

What is your role?

Professionals concerned with CLDD have many different roles, each supplying a vital service to support the needs of individuals. No one person or profession can usefully work in isolation as information needs to be shared; you need to work with other individuals. Likewise whole professions work with other professions.

Working with those who have CLDD will always involve collaboration with other colleagues both within your own profession and in a wide range of other professions. Of course, outside work you also assume other roles: parent, driver, musician, etc.

Consider your present colleagues and which other professions you all interact with by giving and taking information and advice.

The web of support
A care-assistant and a teacher assist
                  a boy in a wheelchair

In our professional lives we have webs of support at all levels of teaching. This is particularly important when providing for children with diverse and complex needs. The web of professionals provides the adhesive which binds services and individual providers together.

Many professions combine to form a web of support to optimise the operation of each and all related professions so that teachers are never alone in their efforts.

The professional web

Which professionals have you worked with?

Which are missing from this web?


Your personal web
Two teachers working together at a computer

Compile your own webs of support corresponding to different times in your life, for example:

  • A web of your childhood support.
  • A web of your friendship groups.
  • A web of your current professional support.
Think about how these have changed in your lifetime and consider the reasons. Who have been major influences on you and who have you influenced? How are you currently a positive influence on others and how might you develop that in your role as a professional?