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Children should be seen AND heard

Harvey attends a special school but has some of his lessons in a mainstream school. Listen to Harvey talking about his school.

What is Harvey's view on what the mainstream school could do better?

How could the school improve Harvey's ability to learn?

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Excessive background noise, unclear speech and complicated instructions make it difficult for Harvey to learn.

Your ideas for what Harvey's teachers and peers could do to help Harvey might include:

  • Paying particular attention to noise levels when Harvey is in the class.
  • Waiting for quiet before speaking in class
  • Speaking slowly and clearly, and
  • Breaking down instructions into smaller steps.

Such changes would probably benefit all pupils in the class, not just Harvey.

Considering quality
of life is a key to empowerment
a boy holds a green toy to his mouth

Thinking about the quality of a child's life is important for many reasons. It can help you to:

  • Empower the child
  • Think about what the child's life will be like when they eventually grow into an adult
  • Understand the child from a number of different perspectives, and
  • Appreciate that the child is part of a family and the wider community, and is influenced by them.