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Keeping up to date (1)
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Find out how you can keep up to date with developments in neuroscience that might inform policy and practice in your school.

One way is to join a professional association, such as nasen:

You can also ask the specialists that visit your school what their knowledge is in regard to developments in neuroscience. Paediatricians and Psychologists are expected to keep up to date with research as part of their continuing registration as professionals. They are likely to find it useful for schools to ask them to bring in some research for discussion.

Keeping up to date (2)
teacher and child both use a drum

The Schools Network, with the Institute of Psychiatry has established the National Forum for Neuroscience in Special Education.

The Aims of the Forum are:

  • To provide a platform for neuroscientists and teachers in Special Education to engage in dialogue
  • To encourage discourse around the changing pattern of childhood disability
  • To share insights from both fields which will evolve innovative practice, leading to improved learning outcomes for children

Consider the aims stated above for this initiative .Would you endorse these aims? Add to them? What aspirations might be envisaged from such an initiative?