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Universal, strategic and targeted support
Girl and teacher using a communication
                  device and cards

For children with complex needs, learning takes place within a learning context of support.

Support for children's emotional well-being can be at three levels:

  • Universal
  • Strategic, and
  • Targeted.

Schools are often good at accessing Universal and Targeted support for the children in their school. It is the role of leaders to also ensure that strategic support is also available. Consider the following framework.

A framework for supporting
emotional well-being


support responding
to an identified high-level
of individual need.

Access to individual emotional
therapy services e.g. school
psychotherapist, Dance and
Movement Therapy, etc.


Strategic support provided within/
alongside universal support for children
where there are additional concerns as
to their emotional well-being and the level
to which they are accessing the curriculum.

Additional classroom support
strategies and planning
e.g. Individual Access Plan,
Behaviour Access Plan, etc.


Every child achieving according to their individual needs.

Monitoring and review through
the Scheme for Supporting
Emotional Well-Being in
Children with Complex Needs.

of support
A girl plays a small xylophone

What strategic and targeted support is available in your school?

How are decisions made about which children should have access to which level of support?