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The role of
engagement (1)
Girl and her teacher

Engagement is the antidote to pedagogical vulnerability.

Carpenter, 2010.

The role of engagement (2)

Does this resonate with your vision? What is the role of engagement in that vision?

In January 2012, Ofsted issued a new framework for inspection.

You can read the report here:

Personal reflection
Close up of the teacher

The paper above was written to accompany the Ofsted report. How far does the schedule for inspection inform school leaders about improving outcomes for children with CLDD?

Write your school policy on engagement for learning using your school's normal policy format
or template.

Complete a self-assessment profile for your school.
Find out more

Department for Education (2012) The Evaluation Schedule for the Inspection of Maintained Schools and Academies, Ofsted

Carpenter, B. (2010) Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities, London: SSAT.