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...that engages...

Learning needs to be personalised to engage.


Watch this video clip of a group of students. You may have to watch it more than once.

  • In what ways did the different students engage?
  • What examples of engagement can you spot?
  • How does this clip demonstrate the importance of
    personalised learning?
  • Poster
...on a deeper level...
a female pupil and teacher learn
                  side by side using various personalised techniques in a classroom

Children with CLDD need to have adjusted teaching that meets their individual needs. This is known as personalised learning.

Personalised learning demands that schools transform their response to the learner from the largely standardised to the profoundly personalised... If students are to engage in deeper learning, they will need new forms of enriched support.

Hargreaves, 2006

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Hargreaves, D. (2006) A new shape for schooling?, SSAT.