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What are the signs?
a young stressed boy with his hands over
                  his ears

Think of a child in your classroom or one that you know.


How might you know if they are unhappy or sad?


Teachers in schools often find it difficult to meet and/or accurately assess mental health problems.


What do you think might be the best way to safeguard a pupil's
mental health?

Safeguarding each child's mental health
A young boy is supported and comforted
                  by his male teacher

Schools that put in place comprehensive and robust support structures will not only help their pupils to flourish but will also enable pupils and teachers to work more closely together.


This will allow the school to pick up on and monitor closely each student with mental health issues.


What simple safety nets can a school put in place to help safeguard and support each child's
mental health?

A mental health safety net

The following strands should enable each school to keep a close eye on each student's mental health:

  • A well established programme in personal and social education and citizenship;
  • An active sex education policy and programmes for personal relationships and sex education;
  • Caring, empathic teachers and support staff;
  • Teachers who show genuine interest in and concern for pupils' learning and well-being;
  • Good professional development opportunities for staff;
  • Sustained parental involvement;
  • Clear opposition to injustice and discrimination across the school.