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Think about your state of mind
A young boy with protective headgear laughs
                  and smiles with his teacher

When you go through difficult times, how do you feel?

What helps you to get through these bad times?

What helps you to become emotionally strong?

Think about how a child might face difficult times, particularly a child who lives with SLD/PMLD/CLDD.

Think about the child
A girl in a white costume dances with her

It is important that members of staff put in place support systems that are appropriate. These systems should protect those with mental health difficulties.

These may range from referral to specialist agencies at one end, to the development of individualised and group programmes to build resilience and key emotional literacy skills.


Successful intervention
A girl

Teachers can and do successfully prevent the escalation of mental health problems in children by understanding more about these protective factors. This ensures that they are promoted at an individual, group and systems level across the whole school community.