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A whole-school approach
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This resource looks at developing a whole-school approach to promoting mental health and well-being. CPD is important. Staff and management in schools should develop an appropriate policy to meet the needs of their school community.

Promoting mental health
Listening to pupils

What constitutes 'good practice' in promoting mental health? Research suggests the
following criteria:

  • An ethos that values and respects individuals;
  • A serious approach to bullying and relationship difficulties;
  • Swift resolution of problems;
  • Good arrangements for listening to students;
  • Family involvement in identifying problems and making provision.
School considerations
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School leaders need to consider many factors when monitoring how well the school is promoting mental health for both staff and pupils. The areas to examine are:

  • How the school works in partnership with other agencies;
  • Its relationships with parents;
  • The informal arrangements that exist;
  • Provision through professional referral.
Staff training

Guskey (2000) proposes that managers should consider five levels when evaluating the impact of any CPD:

  • Participant reaction
  • Participant learning
  • Organisational support & change
  • Participant use of new knowledge & skills
  • Pupil learning outcomes

Good CPD should have a significant positive impact on how adults work with students.

CPD should result in new skills and knowledge which then leads to:

  • Positive changes in teaching practice;
  • Staff informing others of their newly learned skills and knowledge;
  • Change within the school culture, policy and practice.
Where next?
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All schools have a vital role to play in the promotion of children's mental health and the prevention of mental health problems.


CPD for all staff is a vital component in mental health promotion.


Any form of training needs to be evidence-based, specific, and cater for the needs of students, families and staff.


Does your school have a strategy for CPD around emotional well-being and mental health?


Do you engage in CPD in this area?


Develop a personal strategy regarding how to improve your
own CPD.

Find out more

Guskey, T.R. (2000) Evaluating Professional Development, Thousand Oaks, Ca.: Corwin Press.