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Benefits to AAC users
Symbols and words of activities that this
                  particular pupil likes to take part in at school
  • Helps others to quickly find out what the user's communication methods and preferences are.
  • Travels with the user: it goes wherever the student goes.
  • Where possible, the user helps to create and update the Passport.
  • As the user develops, the Communication Passport changes. All adults have access to updated information, which includes any changes in user preferences.
Benefit to others
  • Helps staff, related agencies and conversation partners to get to know the young person with communication disabilities.
  • Enables staff to interact and respond consistently to help the person make sense of events and interact effectively.
  • Ensures inter-agency planning and working which improves the consistency and continuity of provision.
  • Allows supply staff, new staff and volunteers who come into contact with the student, to obtain key information that ensures effective communication.
  • Makes visits to hospitals and other institutions smoother through the up to date provision of personal information that is tailored.
  • Aids assessment through the Passport creation process and helps identify any gaps in provision.
  • At times of transition it is critically important, as new people have to get to know and understand the student accurately and quickly.