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Creating a Communication Passport

Each Communication Passport is unique to each AAC user.

Ideally, a totally personalised Communication Passport would be created for each individual but this can be very time-consuming.

Using templates is less person-centred but is much more efficient.

a young boy's Communication Passport, notes and photographs of his teachers

Using a template

Templates provide those new to Communication Passports with content that sets out:

  • A layout and framework.
  • Examples.
  • Prompts and suggested ideas about what to put on each page.
  • Particular suggestions on how to present it.

Avoid turning the production of Communication Passports into an 'assembly line' process using the same layout and graphics for all, and DO try to expand and personalise each one as much as possible.


This text is abridged from CALL Scotland's Personal Communication Passports template text.

Maintaining the Passport

As the AAC user develops, their preferences and abilities to use different techniques will change.


It is paramount that a user’s Communication Passport is regularly reviewed and updated.


As a SENCO/senior/head teacher, your role is to ensure that every AAC user's situation is monitored and recorded and that the Communication Passport is regularly updated.

A young boy's Communication Passport, notes and photographs of his teachers.

Bringing a broad range of people onboard

You should also involve a wide a group of people who know the student from a range of contexts, such as:

  • Family and carers.
  • School staff – such as lunch time support staff.
  • Transport support staff.
  • Other professionals – such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

Here are a few resources that will help in the creation and maintenance of Communication


Many local authorities have created their own templates for Communication Passports. The following websites may be of use: