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Class team

Individual therapy sessions cannot succeed without ongoing involvement from day care staff and family or carers.

Rennie, 2007

Working with others is vital to the effective delivery of interventions for children and young people with SLD/PMLD/CLDD.

Developing a care plan for a child or young person's personal care is just the first step. One of the most challenging aspects for teachers working with those with severe and complex needs is that they will inevitably be leading a team of staff who together must meet the needs of the pupils from day to day. The teacher must provide sufficient leadership to the class team to ensure that the daily experience of the child meets rigorous standards regardless of who is providing care or leading the learning on any occasion.

For more on this subject, see the module Working with other professionals.

Delivering personal care

In these three audio clips, class teachers talk about how they deliver personal care.

  • Video 1
    Managing pupils' personal care needs.
  • Video 2
    Integrating education and care.
  • Video 3
    Post-16 personal care and physio are integrated into the curriculum
Delivering personal care

What strategies can you identify as a class teacher for ensuring that all staff in your team deliver personal care with privacy and dignity?

As well as the pupils themselves, their families and other professionals may all need to participate with school staff in planning to meet individual care needs so that everyone involved knows what to expect and can contribute their views and expertise.

This approach is the most likely to ensure the best possible outcomes for pupils and to safeguard all adults involved.

Working with other professionals

In these three audio clips, parents talk about working with a school.

  • Video 1
    Lia's mum, Julie, describes her relationship with her daughter's school
  • Video 2
    Maria describes her positive relationship with Jack's school.
  • Video 3
    Jack's mum, Maria, gives a brief description of Jack
Working with other professionals

Pupils with severe and/or complex needs are likely to be known to a range of professionals who may be able to contribute their expertise to the planning for their personal/medical care as outlined at Level B.

The class teacher has an important role in pulling this advice together in discussion with the pupil and family in order to plan and deliver an effective daily experience in the school environment.

Working with other professionals

Watch these videos on speech therapy and feeding.

Have you come across other successful strategies that could be useful to you in the future?

  • Video 1
    A school nurse describes her role
  • Video 2
    A teacher explains the importance of training for staff
Find out more

Rennie, J. (2007) 'Preface'. In: J. Rennie (ed.) Learning Disability: Physical therapy, treatment and management - a collaborative approach (2nd edn). Chichester: John Wiley.