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Roles in caring

In the following clips staff discuss the different types of care needed and their role in providing that care to support children in their education.

As you listen, reflect on the challenges faced by staff in providing care for children with such a range of needs. Are there any tasks that might cause you anxiety? If so how might you deal with
those anxieties?

Personal care tasks
  • 1:51
    A teaching assistant describes the types of care she helps provide
  • 1:14
    A teaching assistant describes care tasks for post-16 young people
  • 1:22
    A teacher and pupil converse about adults who provide personal care
Teachers and personal care
  • 2:14
    A teacher discusses the importance of training in personal care
  • 1:41
    A teacher explains how education and care are integrated
  • 1:36
    A teacher discusses care and the curriculum for post-16s