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How does existing legislation affect your school? (1)
Legislative definition in an English

This module has outlined some of the key legislation relating to children with SEN and disabilities. Headteachers and other senior staff need a much broader understanding of the law. However, within the confines of this module, it has not been possible to cover every area.

Make a list of areas of the law that are applicable to special schools. You may need to discuss this with the headteacher or other senior staff or with the relevant member of your governing body.

For each area, note down the key things you need to consider. Where there are gaps in your knowledge, take steps to fill them.

Some areas are dealt with in other modules in these resources.

How does existing legislation affect your school? (2)
Legislation definition in an English

You may have listed the following. Laws relating to:

  • Safeguarding/child protection;
  • Health and safety;
  • The use of reasonable force; and
  • Duty of care.