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Understanding needs and rights
oung boy in protective headgear smiling
                  with teacher/assistant

Children with severe learning difficulties, profound and multiple learning difficulties, and complex learning difficulties and disabilities have rights to have their needs met. In order to meet a child or young person’s needs the following are needed:

  • A clear idea of what those needs are.
  • A plan for meeting the needs.
  • Resources (equipment and expertise).

These needs are not met by magic. Meeting them requires organisation, funding and regulation.

A range of issues

In this video Marley’s parents are discussing his progress at a review meeting. Consider the range of issues that Marley and his parents and the professionals they interact with might face.

Understanding the basis of the rights of Marley and his family, the source of the procedures to realise those rights, and the duties of the people around them is important in order to meet their needs.

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