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Promoting learning

Look at the latest version of the Ofsted evaluation schedule below. Read the section on the Quality of Teaching (pages 11 to 14).


Ofsted evaluation schedule

Note the statement that the most important role of teaching is to promote learning so as to raise pupils' achievement. Also, teaching should be understood to include teachers' planning and implementing of learning activities across the whole curriculum, as well as marking, assessment and feedback. Look at what the inspectors must consider: the criteria for making judgements; additional guidance; and the descriptors for the grades.

Questions on assessment
A group of students and two teachers sit
                  in a circle

Eileen Visser, HMI Rtd, asks several questions of schools about assessment, checking on pupils' understanding and giving feedback. Have a look at the questions below.


Questions from Eileen Visser

Involving pupils in assessment
Two teachers in front of a computer

The Welsh Assembly Government has published a booklet which stresses the importance of involving pupils in assessment.


A curriculum for all learners: guidance to support teachers of learners with additional learning needs


Consider the following questions the booklet poses as regards using assessment information with pupils.