About the materials

The training materials cover the following areas of special educational needs (SEN) and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND):

  • Severe learning difficulties (SLD)
  • Profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD)
  • Complex learning difficulties and disabilities (CLDD)

They are presented in 16 modules within four subject groups and look into topics such as communication and interaction, the context of specialist teaching, insights from neuroscience, working with families, and the legislation around SEND.

Please ensure that you read all of the four guidance areas in this section before you start using the materials.

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The training materials cover multiple areas of SEND and are clustered into modules, each of which represents a specific topic. There are 16 modules in total, split across four broader subject groups. Once you have chosen a module, you can also select a study level to ensure that you are getting the information you need from each resource.

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If you need to work on the resources on a device without internet access, don't have a great connection, or want to incorporate some resources into your own training materials, you can download each module to be used offline. You can do this by browsing through our list to find the appropriate module.

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